Sunday, March 2, 2014

तुम याद आते हो...

बंद करुँ आँखें, ख्वाब बन जलाते हो ..

झुकाऊँ जो पलकें हया से, मुस्का के चिढ़ाते हो...

लिपट कर लग जाऊँ जो गले, तो खुद पे इतराते हो ..

आजाये जो हथेली हाथों में , तो मुझपे पूरा हक़ पाते हो ..

होठों पे मेरे रख कर वो एहसास, तन-मन पिघलते हो ..

गर्मी की चुभन हो, सर्दी की सिहरन हो, बरसात की सीलन ..

पतझड़ कि धूल हो, और बहार में कविता बन जाते हो ???

तुम ही कहो कैसे जिया जाये,जब इतनी बुरी तरह याद आते हो!!??

                                                            -वर्षा :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

An illegitimate affair...

Running off the site of a family friend...camouflaging from kin and foes alike...veiling the face, helmets on...on the go they go ..the heart humming love songs...embarking the rains they go on perfect romantic ride...barging on the orthodox clan, the excitement trills and the pump beats...when there is no other world outside each others' eyes..when every happiness seems to be over sized..

He belongs to an X state and she is from Y...their folks cannot see eye to eye...they are discouraged, threatened, brain washed...blackmailed with live emoticons...the mothers worried about rites and rituals being difference...the fathers concerned what others would say...they are the same parents who were so particular about their kids getting the them all to bring a smile to their face...but now suddenly all seems so dream the parents patronize...its a matter of ego and pride for them...the happiness and consent of kids are no more important...and the opposition continues....

The result could be...either they elope and live far far away, lonely, guilty all the time, haunted and in dismay... or they can simply die together if not live...either would they be scapegoats of honour killings or they would be tortured and separated forever...

shopping anyone??